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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Consulting and Brokerage Services

Today’s businesses need more than an insurance agent.  They need someone who can analyze the business’s goals for providing benefits and bring a comprehensive package of benefits programs, HR tools and business continuity planning to make sure your business is protected.

In an effort to offer employers something different and tangible, Morrow recognizes the need to aid employers in buying insurance rather than the selling approach.  An unbiased approach to the employee benefits serves in the best interest of th employers.  Through this approach, your Employee Benefits Consultant, Jim Rasmussen, serves as a consultant to all sized companies.

Once available only to the largest employers, Morrow Employee Benefits Consulting can help your company achieve value for its benefits budget, and help you communicate that value to employees. Through innovative benefits options, and our professional guidance on regulation issues, we can design a program that works for your specific circumstances.

And we’re active in the business communities we serve, so we’re always alert to the issues and challenges that affect the dynamics of risks in the real world. No matter the industry or company size, you can benefit from the insights we’ve gained from long-term client relationships.

Call Jim Rasmussen at 828-694-5141 to start developing the kinds of programs that perform on the bottom line and keep employees happy.

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