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Camp Team

 Marsh Dark
Vice President
Camp & Recreation Dept. Mgr.
Producer/Account Executive

Phone: 800-228-3132 x104
Direct Line: 828-527-0195
Fax: 828-692-4717
Cell: 828-442-8279Email: mdark@morrowinsurance.com

with Morrow Insurance since 1980

 Jean Persons, CISR, CPSR
Account Manager

Phone: 800-228-3132 x196
Direct Line: 828-694-5196
Fax: 828-692-4717
Cell: 828-707-5574Email: jpersons@morrowinsurance.com

 with Morrow Insurance since 1988

Dave Shaffer
Producer/Account Executive

Phone: 800-228-3132 x142
Direct Line: 828-694-5142
Fax: 828-692-4717
Cell: 828-779-6745

Email: dshaffer@morrowinsurance.com

 with Morrow Insurance since 1986

Wendy Ferguson, CISR
Account Manager

Phone: 800-228-3132 x157
Direct Line: 828-694-5157
Fax: 828-692-4717
Cell: 828-707-5555

Email: wferguson@morrowinsurance.com

 with Morrow Insurance since 2001

Will Hendricks, CIC
Producer/Account Executive

Phone: 800-228-3132 x134
Direct Line: 828-694-5134
Fax: 828-692-4717
Cell: 828-707-8752Email: whendricks@morrowinsurance.com

with Morrow Insurance since 2010

Jennie Reed, CISR, CPIW
Account Manager

Phone: 800-228-3132 x136
Direct Line: 828-694-5136
Fax: 828-692-4717

Email: jreed@morrowinsurance.com

 with Morrow Insurance since 2004

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